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10 X Massage Package Member’s Price

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10 Sessions of 60 minutes massage.

Massage Menu:

  • SERENITY | LIGHT: Be pampered by this soft to medium massage, where soothing, long strokes and thumb pressure is applied to relax the body with a blend of essential oils. Enjoy the release of blocked channels that aim to balance your core chakra—designed to restore balance, boost your immune system, and improve circulation of your lymphatic system, providing tension relief with light stretching.

  • RECHARGE | DEEP: Revive the body as our therapist uses medium to strong massage strokes that dissolve muscle tension and alleviates internal tension. Restore vitality to your body’s natural equilibrium state with deep movements and stretching techniques to relieve common discomforts. Therapeutic stretching enhances the body's flexibility and helps lower stress hormone levels whilst boosting endorphins.

  • DE-STRESS | UPPER BODY: A tension-busting massage treatment focused on the traditional stress-holding areas of the scalp, back, shoulders and neck. Perfect relief to rejuvenate tired and aching muscles. This massage encourages relaxation, relieves stress, and improves circulation, renewing you with a boost of energy.

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